Our Electrical Engineers/Technicians have extensive field experiences and capabilities to service the Oil & Gas Industries . The team has a number of CompEx certified personnel who have shown their competency to perform the job under potentially hazardous environment, safely.

  • Retrofitting of Main Switch Boards, Motor Control Centres, Bus-bars and Breakers
  • Maintenance, recondition, overhaul and replacement of all Electrical Equipment
  • Load Test of Power Generating System
  • Calibration of Breakers, Meters and Relays, Primary and Secondary Current Injection Tests
  • Modification Works on AVR, Auto Synchronization and Load Sharing of Generators
  • Troubleshooting of Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Systems
  • Installation of P & I Cables, loop check and commissioning of Equipment and Systems
  • All Electrical related repairs & services on Electrical Equipment & Power Generating Systems
  • Fiber Optics termination, troubleshooting and commissioning
  • Installation and commissioning of Offshore CCTV System
Electrical Service