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Absolute Tech consistently delivers high quality and reliable services in the following areas

Electrical Services (ATEX Certified)

Hazardous Area Survey and ATEX Equipment Certification Verification and Assurance Full ownership and delivery of a Hazardous Area compliant asset.
Asset survey and verification against registered equipment, drawings, and equipment certificates.

Absolute Tech can provide Electrical support and solutions in all key phases of design, engineering, construction, commissioning and operations. Absolute Tech can assist with monitoring preservation and maintenance. Installation. Commissioning. Repair…. of Control Panels, Starters, Repeater Panels, Junction Boxes, Relay Boxes, Cables, Motors, Distribution Panel, Gauges, Sensors, Batteries, UPS, UPS Panels, Fans, Instrumentation, Generators, Switchboards – LV / MV / HV, Transformers, Cable Ladders / Cable trays, Lighting Circuits.

Mechanical & Hydraulic Services

Absolute Tech can provide Mechanical support and solutions in all key phases of design, engineering, construction, commissioning and operations.

Absolute Tech can assist with monitoring preservation and maintenance. Installation. Commissioning. Repair…. of Air Compressors, Air Dryers, Heat Exchangers / Coolers / Condensers, Winches, Chain, Chain Stoppers, Haws, Blocks, AHU Air Handling Units, Chiller Units, Ductings, Dampers, Pumps, Heaters, Sewage Treatment Units, Piping, Pressure Vessels / Air Receivers, Valves, PRV Pressure Relief Valves, CO2 Skids, Oil Separators, Purifiers, Hydraulic Power Units.

Dropped Objects Prevention

Dropped Objects Survey including Full on-site asset survey

Absolute Tech can provide an experienced and professional full turn-key DROPS prevention service

Working to industry best practises, specific client provided standards or a combination of both, Absolute Tech can safely deliver a fully DROPS compliant asset. We have extensive experience in the following keys DROPS prevention areas of service:

Engineering Concept and Design, DROPS ELIMINATION and prevention optimization. Absolute Tech can review design documents and drawings to help identify and eliminate DROPS risks at the very earliest stages of a project.

Project LifeCycle DROPS ASSURANCE. Special tasks and projects can require additional measures to maintain risk managed and acceptable level of drops assurance, for example a one-time special project like the receiving and onboarding of large plant equipment, or certain areas of commissioning, acceptance and maintenance. At any stage of the project or asset life Absolute Tech can meet your DROPS prevention needs.

DROPPED OBJECTS SURVEY. Absolute Tech can deliver a comprehensive on-site asset survey for Dropped Objects. A full on-site survey is performed in full cooperation with operational and project construction management systems, and our daily survey report gathering ensures that the finalized survey report is issued to the client in the shortest possible time. We issue a completed Dropped Objects Survey Report (professionally bound & indexed hard copy) and we also hand over the register and survey in electronic copy in any format as agreed with the client – options can include:

  • AbsoluteZero-DROPS. The Absolute Tech online DROPS system ready to use as a live DROPS Prevention system including all metadata preloaded and action items identified and reported on a dashboardpage. Administration can be provided by Absolute Tech or can be solely managed by the client depending on what is required.
  • DROPSAFE INSTALLATION. Absolute Tech can specify, supply and install a full suite of DROPSAFE DROPS prevention devices. We are the appointed agent for DROPSAFE in Singapore.

We are prominent partners in the global effort to reduce the dangers of Dropped Objects and work closely with Operators, Contractors, Contractors and International Standards Organizations to stay well informed within the industry.

Lifting & Rigging Survey inc Full on-site asset survey

Absolute Tech can deliver a complete asset integrity service and solution for Lifting Gear including a full Lifting Inspection and Survey.Dropped Objects Survey including Full on-site asset survey

Well Control Equipment

Absolute Tech have extensive experience in supporting clients and OEM with BOP and Well Control equipment throughout all phases including representation at FAT / SAT, support with logistics, preservation and maintenance, assembly and construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning, class witness surveys, offshore acceptance and deepwater deployment.

To date Absolute Tech has contributed towards over 70 Bop Stacks operating safely and successfully in the drilling fields for our clients.

Our specialized and experienced team can meet your well control requirements for the complete range fo well control equipment including:

  • BOP Stack
  • SBOP
  • BOP Test Unit (Cloverleaf 15KSI)
  • Diverter
  • HB Dual Block & Straight Valves
  • Choke & Kill WOM / Magnum Valves
  • CK Manifold
  • Installation
  • Pre-Commissioning
  • Commisioning
  • Warranty
  • Umbilical–Pressure Tests
  • Re-Termination and Splicing
  • Hose Reels
  • Hoteline HoseReel
  • Hydraulic BOP Handling Equipment
  • Hose-Up
  • Maintenance and Emergency Repairs to API 6C
  • HP Hoses Coflexip
  • Contitech
  • API16C
  • MUX

Drillfloor & Mud Equipment

Absolute Tech are the go-to support service for Drillfloor equipment OEMs in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region both onshore and offshore we can delivery excellent and experienced service and solutions for the following equipment:

  • Maintenance Baskets
  • Air Winches – Ingersoll Rand
  • FA150KG
  • BX3, 4, 5, 7
  • Elevators
  • Rotary Slips
  • Rotary Slip Anchors
  • Derrick
  • Drawworks
  • Drillers Cabin
  • Fingerboard
  • Bellyboard
  • FA150KG
  • HydraRacker
  • Pipe Racking System (PRS)
  • Hydraulic Cathead
  • Iron Roughneck Mousehole
  • Mud Bucket
  • Catwalk
  • Power Slips (PS) Series
  • Insert Carriers
  • Bowls
  • Slips
  • Powered Rotating Hook Adaptor (PRHA)
  • RBS Raised BackUp
  • TopDrive IBop
  • Rotary Support Table
  • Travelling Block
  • Triplex Mud Pumps 14-P-220
  • Pulsation Dampeners
  • Mission Pumps
  • Brandt Vortex Mud Additive
  • Degasser Burgess
  • Agitator
  • Mud Guns
  • Bug Blower
  • Gumbo Box
  • Shale Shakers


Absolute Tech can provide all forms of manpower support to aid with contracted work scopes. We supply manpower to shipyards, OEM, operators, other vendors.

The Absolute Tech team has over 30 years of experience in all operational and project phases in the oil and gas, and marine sectors. We arrive on-site professionally and respectfully, and we integrate with our client teams and management systems seamlessly.

At Absolute Tech, we understand that our client requires excellence, a quick and efficient service without compromising safety and an ability to professionally integrate with ongoing project or operational requirements.

Our combined knowledge and experience enable us to deliver exactly what you need, whether it is a full turnkey service including following an ITP in accordance to the class and regulatory
requirements or to providing support to existing specifications and scheduled work scopes.

Absolute Tech standard operating protocol is to record all daily work reports into our system to ensure full visibility of actions performed and contracted work scopes status.


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